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Bob Glass

June 2021

Comments from our club president…….

When I became President of the Largo Club, I was only one person with a lot of balls in the air. It was initially overwhelming. Several Board Members offered their help and experience, including Bob Glass. Bob is one person I can always depend on for help or for a rational assessment of whatever I am trying to do. Bob never makes a big deal of what he does, he does it quietly and very efficiently. He tracks membership and is the person always in the back of the room, greeting people and being helpful. He makes calls every month to newly registered voters, inviting them to a Club meeting. We would not have had years of successful picnics without Bob. He takes care of getting the venue and resolves any problems with the City of Largo. He buys the food and supplies, and (with the help of his wife, Delores,) gets things set up. If we are short a cook, he volunteers. If we run out of something, he goes to the store. I am very fortunate to have Board Members who work hard to make the Club successful. However, whenever I need something done, Bob is the first person I think of. I am most grateful for his help and support.

thank you to Delores and Bob for the following…..

Bob and his family moved to Seminole Florida in 1988. He always held an interest in politics and Joined the PCDEC in 2004. He quickly got immersed in the KERRY Campaign for president. He organized Meet and Greet meetings through the MoveOn organization and participated in various roles at the Pinellas Park Kerry field office. That year he attended the State Delegate Meeting and had the chance to meet with candidate Kerry.

He continued his involvement in the PCDEC as a precinct captain working on local campaigns. He soon realized that being involved with candidate campaigns was the thing he liked doing. In time he met Janet Long and maintained a close friendship with her which continues today. During that time, he worked on her numerous campaigns, doing phone banking, canvassing, installing signs and working with other volunteers.

Bob got interested in the Jim Davis’ 2006 campaign for Governor and was excited to meet one on one with him in Tampa. Although they failed to get Jim Davis elected it was another learning experience.

He also realized that there were other important issues facing the party that could make a difference in winning elections. That would be registering new voters,

getting out the vote and gathering signatures on petitions to secure democratic candidates on the ballot. Bob became active in all of these activities.

About 2008 Bob joined the Obama campaign and later joined the Largo Mid-Pinellas Democratic Club and eventually became a board member. He has maintained an active role in the Club ever since. In 2012 President Obama visited the City of Seminole and Bob was a volunteer at the SPC Seminole campus site where Obama was to speak. He spent the night with many other volunteers erecting stands and stages in preparation for the President’s visit. Later that day he had the opportunity to speak with Sen Bill Nelson and Charlie Crist.

In 2009 he accepted the opportunity to work in Patricia Plantamura’s Seminole City Council campaign. Everyone worked on an aggressive campaign and she, against all odds, won her seat. She was the only Democrat out of an eight- member board.

In 2010 Bob got involved in the Alex Sink gubernatorial campaign and worked almost every day in her Seminole office. At a rally in Feather Sound Bob had a chance to have a conversation with MD Rep. Steny Hoyer. During that time, he joined a group of activists called Seminole Goes Green, promoting environmental sustainability by recycling. The group participated in the annual Seminole Pow Wow parade with a float of the old Seminole water tower.

He also played an active role in the Mary Lou Ambrose, Lorena Grizzle, and Alex Herren D66 campaigns.

He was asked to become the treasurer of Jack Killingsworth’s SOE campaign effort in 2012 and worked with Jack on a second campaign a few years later.

In 2016 he was elected District 66 Chair. Prior to that he served as vice chair of district 51 (which later became D66). Dennis Port was the district chair and Bob

felt that he learned a lot of valuable lessons from him.

Currently Bob continues to enjoy being active in the LMPDC and playing an active role in Democratic campaigns.   %

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