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When legislators do their worst

[Our] legislative leaders have launched a major attack on voting rights by working to undermine Amendment 4. We're continuing to battle private school vouchers, efforts to restrict reproductive freedom, and acid fracking. Many thanks if you've been able to send a letter or pick up the phone and talk to your state legislators.

Bad things happen when no one is watching. You’re probably thinking about little children right now, but the same holds true with the Florida Legislature. They’re meeting in Tallahassee as I write this, and legislative leadership is cooking up some ugly bills at the behest of wealthy and well-connected special interests.

They’re hoping with no election around the corner, and the public mostly focused on national news (the latest outrage from President Trump, the presidential primary, celebrity scandals) they can get away with it. Well, not if you and I have any say about it.

I know you’re getting a lot of email, but the new laws being proposed by Florida’s state legislators will have a big impact on your family, friends, and community. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Underpaid teachers, underfunded public schools. Instead of trying to support and improve public education, Republicans have proposed diverting more taxpayer dollars to unaccountable, for-profit private school vouchers. Our teachers are already grossly underpaid, and students need additional support services, yet vouchers are what our legislators have prioritized.Health care that’s harder to get. A proposed bill supported by legislative leadership would make it much harder for Medicaid recipients - mostly children and the elderly - to get unexpected medical issues covered. More barriers for women seeking abortion care are also being aggressively pushed.Acid fracking. This is as bad as it sounds. Legislators are considering a fake fracking ban that still allows a form of acid fracking. Any form of fracking threatens the water we drink, our rivers, springs, and the Everglades.

And that’s just a small sample of the terrible bills we and our allies are fighting. A contribution from you means we can get the word out to thousands of Floridians, who then pressure their legislators to do the right thing. You’d be surprised the kind of difference a dozen phone calls into a legislator’s district office can make. This is why powerful special interests want your fellow Floridians distracted and unaware. You can ruin their cynical plan.

Thanks for being an informed and engaged Floridian during this critical  time for our state.

For progress,

Ray and the rest of the Progress Florida team <>

ext PFLA to 30644 to join our Mobile Action Team

Progress Florida • 200 2nd Ave. South #808, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 • (727) 289-2612

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