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what the DNC is doing to prepare for the 2022 midterms

Democratic organizers cannot just knock on your door the day before the election. We need to be organizing and building power year-round. That’s why the DNC announced that we’re investing $20 million in states to ensure Democrats win in 2021 and 2022 -- our earliest and largest midterm investment ever.

Ronald, I’m fired up about how this investment is going to help us protect our majorities, pick up more seats for Democrats nationwide, and lay the groundwork for our party’s success in 2024. Here are just a few of the details:

  • Protecting the right to vote: Thanks to the GOP, the battle in 2022 is not just over who we vote for, but whether we can vote at all. That’s why we’re launching our biggest voter protection program ever. We’re embedding experts in critical states like Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, and Pennsylvania -- not to mention expanding existing programs like and our voter protection hotline.

  • Modernizing the organizing process: The DNC has more than 200,000 active online volunteers ready to mobilize -- and that number will only continue to grow. We refuse to lose an ounce of momentum -- not only expanding our digital organizing infrastructure but deploying these volunteers in 2021 elections and early voter reengagement. Additionally, we’re investing millions in early distributed organizing programs in key states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

  • Investing in local talent: We want to expand on the diverse, local talent pipelines we started last cycle -- both building at the entry-level and moving diverse, local talent up the organization to develop the next generation of campaign leadership for 2022, 2024, and beyond. Folks working on the ground know their communities best, and here at the DNC, we’re taking their lead.

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