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Voter Protection Volunteers

Fellow Democrat, You are receiving this email along with other great volunteers who want to help the Democratic Party PROTECT THE VOTE in Florida in 2020. Because the GOP will stop at nothing to re-elect Donald Trump next year, it's important for us to build our roster early. If you are interested in volunteering for the FDP's Voter Protection Team, please complete this brief questionnaire so I can access your contact and background information quickly. Please feel free to forward the questionnaire to other Democrats who you think would be good additions to the Team. Of course, the FDP will protect the confidentiality of all responses. Our most pressing need at this moment is for Voter Protection Hotline volunteers. If you are willing to help staff our Hotline, please indicate your interest in the appropriate place on the questionnaire. My team will get in touch with you to train you. Once you are trained, we will schedule you to begin your important duties.

Sign Up to Volunteer with FDP Voter Protection!

Thanks for your interest in helping MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT.

In solidarity, Brandon S. Peters, Esquire Director, Voter Protection Department Florida Democratic Party Florida Bar Number: 965685 Voter Protection Hotline: (833) VOTEFLA

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