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Tweet thread from Steve Schmidt

Jue 23, 2021

@mattgaetz is a rich, spoiled, overindulged punk who perfectly reflects the degeneracy of our society. He is a domestic enemy in the surest sense of the Founders' imagination for lethal dangers to the new Republic.

Gaetz is a perfect avatar for an eclectic movement of losers (1) Conspiracy loons, fascists, racists, opportunists, hypocritical religious nuts, and a sundry of other extremists. Their culture is a rancid one, built on a cesspool of vices that are so toxic that they can destroy a society. Self-interest, lies, greed, a thirst for power, and a coward's sensibility about imaginary victimization are the lifeblood of their UN American cause. @mattgaetz is the slow and stupid zebra of their toxic herd. He is easy to laugh at and be enraged by. He is a clown who is likely to soon be living alone in a cage under protective custody. It is there that he will face real danger for the first time. I can almost smell his fear from where I write this morning. @mattgaetz is a buffoon but the movement he has risen in is no joke. We better start treating it seriously. If we don’t we will lose the country.

The autocratic movement has declared war on the honor, traditions, sacrifices, valor, and patriotism of America’s professional-volunteer Armed Forces. It is deliberate and purposeful. The lessons of history are clear about war-making. Aggressors attack because they believe the cost of the aggression will be worth the gains. These terrible people are on the attack and we are all well past the hour for having any excuse to not have our shit together when it comes to preserving American liberty for ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE @ProjectLincoln

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