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This is from the Biden campaign:

Joe Biden is on track to win this election and he will be the next President of the United States. Please see our topline message guidance on where we are and what we’re seeing across key battleground states. Thank you!  


  • By this afternoon we believe Biden will have a lead that puts him over 270 electoral votes. And Biden will garner more votes than any candidate in history - more than 69 million and over 50%

  • Last night we flipped Arizona and Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district. We expect to win Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. And Georgia is currently a toss-up and North Carolina is a tight race. 

  • We are on track to win Michigan by more than Donald Trump did in 2016, win Wisconsin by more than Trump did in 2016, win Pennsylvania by more than Trump did in 2016.

  • Election administrators worked throughout the country yesterday to put on a free and fair election and deep into the night to process the counting of ballots as quickly as possible. 

  • Last night the President of the United States falsely claimed he had won this race, and then demanded that votes stop being counted. If Donald Trump got his wish and we stopped counting ballots right now Joe Biden would be the next President of the United States.

  • The American people get to pick their president -- the President doesn’t get to pick the people whose votes get counted. Joe Biden will fight for every vote to be counted. They won’t all be Biden votes but Joe Biden believes all outstanding votes should be counted.

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