Ten terrible moves by an arrogant Florida Legislature | Editorial

Say this for the people who run the Florida Legislature: They’re consistent. Arrogantly so. Consider the series of bad laws that ruling Republicans rammed through a year ago: three new politically driven toll roads; allowing teachers to carry guns; imposing financial barriers on felons who want to vote; making it harder to gather petitions for ballot initiatives; a legally dubious ban on so-called sanctuary cities; and forcing citizens to pay developers’ legal fees if unsuccessful in challenging proposed land-use changes. This year, the soul-crushing parade of bad policy continues in a Capitol where a small cabal of senators and House members make most major decisions, and rank-and-file lawmakers are bit players who follow marching orders. It’s debatable which is worse, their action or inaction — the laws they pass or the problems they ignore.


SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL | FEB 26, 2020 | 2:55 PM https://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/editorials/fl-op-edit-runaway-legislature-attacks-consumers-20200226-zhhmzeoan5gahcrw2gskzmjaqi-story.html

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