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A few weeks ago, we emailed you to ask you to join us and our partners at Vote Forward in writing letters to voters. And the response was incredible. Hundreds of Indivisibles signed up to write letters in just the first few hours. Already, Vote Forward volunteers have written over a million letters!  

Now, we have some big news: this week, we’re expanding our partnership with VoteFWD to launch The Big Send, a campaign to write 10 MILLION letters to voters.

Here’s how it works on your end: over the next few months, you write letters (yes, physical letters!) to voters, sharing why you vote and why it’s important than they do. You put them in envelopes and stash them in a safe spot in your house. 

Then, in October, you’ll get a reminder to slap a stamp on each envelope and drop it in the mail. The United States Postal Service will deliver the messages to each voter and, if we’re successful, 10 million more people will vote! 

If you’ve been looking for a way to have an impact during social distancing, or for a project to do with your kids while they're home from school, this is a great one. Click here right now to learn more about The Big Send and help us write 10 million letters. Or if you’ve still got a few more questions, click here to read Indivisible’s resource on VoteFWD.

Ready to level up? If you’re already onboard with writing letters and want to expand your reach, think about setting up a virtual letter writing party with your Indivisible Group, some friends you’ve fallen out of touch with, or your book club! You can find directions and support on hosting a virtual letter writing party by clicking here.

Send us an email to let us know how it goes, or send us a photo of all those stamped envelopes (make sure to block out the voters’ addresses)!

In solidarity,

Indivisible Team

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