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Sen. Rubio is a dim “candle in the wind” of politics,always blowing in the direction GOP breeze

Opinion submitted by Neil McMullen

Subject: Marco Rubio email 9/16/2021 In response to a Twitter comment 3:56 PM · Sep 15, 2021 by Sen. Marco Rubio, I sent directly to him the Forwarded response below.

"Gen. Milley is an honorable man to the core. Check his record yourself. The Trump group want to discredit Gen. Milley while “changing the narrative” away from their own complicity in Jan. 6, 2021 and 45’s increasingly well evidenced attempt to overthrow the 2020 election.

“ If Gen. Milley calling his Chinese counterpart was just a normal & regular communication then why are those calls now newsworthy? If the account of those calls in a new book is accurate these calls were neither regular nor heroic. They were treacherous and dangerous.” - Sen. Rubio The conversations are “newsworthy” exactly BECAUSE they were precipitated by a NON “normal and regular…” situation. I’d hardly call an attempted insurrection “normal.” Check the U.S. Code sir - and Florida law too. PERCEPTION of DANGER supports ACTIVE RESPONSE. Gen. Milley was doing what a prudent and reasonable person would do given the unstable, megalomaniacal behavior of 45. Perhaps YOU should be Recalled (FIRED) for your apparent inability to understand basic legal principles and the danger to democracy of a dictatorial leaning President (or have you conveniently forgotten your many comments about Fidel C?). Neil C McMullen, MBA, MDiv

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