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Republican congressman urges "Be armed, be dangerous.

Nov 21, 2021

White supremacists, Q-anon conspiracists, and a chorus of Republican members of Congress are celebrating Friday's not-guilty verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse. One Republican congressman released a video Friday in which he told supporters to "Be armed, be dangerous.”

But they won't be celebrating if progressive Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, one of the youngest Black statewide officials in the nation, flips Wisconsin's Republican U.S. Senate seat in 2022. He said Friday:

"Over the last few weeks, many dreaded the outcome we just witnessed. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is what we should expect from our judicial system, but that standard is not always applied equally. We have seen so many black and brown youth killed, only to be put on trial posthumously, while the innocence of Kyle Rittenhouse was virtually demanded by the judge." -- Mandela Barnes

Here's more of what Mandela Barnes said after Friday's verdict:

"This is another example of the difficult road to justice in America, and while we can easily view this as a setback, we have to turn this into a moment to push even harder by staying engaged, by organizing for justice, by holding our leaders accountable, and by registering our friends and neighbors to vote. As elected leaders, myself and others have a special responsibility to lift up the voices of organizers, activists, and everyday people working for change. We must transform moments like this by raising our voices, together.

"Across Wisconsin and across the country, countless people are coming together in this moment to remember Jacob, Anthony, JoJo, and call for justice. Here is what gives me hope: We have seen communities -- especially Kenosha -- step up to demand action from those in power and work to bring about positive change. We have the power to elect leaders at every level who represent our highest aspirations, who will fight alongside us for reform and progress. We all have the power to heal Kenosha and our nation."

Imagine Mandela Barnes being the deciding vote in the Senate instead of Joe Manchin. We can win this seat, and summon hope out of outrage.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- The PCCC Team (@BoldProgressive)

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