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Record Breaking Number of Ballots Mailed to Domestic Voters for August 18 Primary Election

July 14, 2020

Julie Marcus, Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, mailed 321,952ballots today(July 14) to domestic voters for the August 18, 2020 Primary Election.

Previous Records for Ballot Bulk Mailings:

2016 Presidential Election – 262,242

2018 Gubernatorial General Election – 257,203

Media interested in b-roll and sound from Supervisor Marcus should follow this link:

Florida is a closed primary state. Only voters registered with a political party are eligible to vote in that party's closed Primary Election. ALL registered voters may vote in nonpartisan school board races and judicial races.

Domestic voters are civilian voters residing within the United States and active-duty military voters residing in Pinellas County.

On July 2, a total of 3,909 ballots were mailed to absent military and overseas voters.

Absent military and overseas voters include all active-duty military, their spouses and dependents currently absent from their places of residence, and civilians who are U.S. citizens residing outside the United States.

Additional mail ballot requests will be fulfilled as received. To request a mail ballot, visit, call 727-464-VOTE (8683) or email The deadline to request that a ballot be mailed is 5:00 p.m. on August 08.

Voted mail ballots must be received at one of the three Supervisor of Elections Offices by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Please note, postal delivery service has changed. Voters are advised to allow at least one week for their ballot to be returned by mail to the Supervisor of Elections Office.

Mail ballots may be dropped off at one of the three Supervisor of Elections Offices. Voters may also drop their ballot at one of 23 remote ballot drop-off sites throughout Pinellas County from August 8-17. Check for hours and locations. Voted mail ballots cannot be accepted at polling places.

Daily ballot requests, ballot mailing updates and statistics on voted ballots received by the Supervisor of Elections are posted to

Voters are encouraged to request a mail ballot. Voters who vote during Early Voting or on Election Day should expect lines.

*This number does not include mail ballots picked up by voters at a Supervisor of Elections Office.

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