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Opinion makers across Florida: The current algae crisis is not a both sides issue

August 8, 2018 "No one is more responsible than Rick Scott" As the algae crisis continues to impact communities around Florida, leading voices and opinion makers throughout Florida media have outlined how the current algae crisis is not a both sides issue, but rather "no one is more responsible than Scott." Tampa Bay Times Columnist John Romano (8/7/18): If you’re looking for a culprit, the slime stops here

  • "No one is more responsible than Scott. It is...true Scott has done little to prevent this out-of-the-norm outbreak this summer. You could even argue his policies have encouraged it."

  • "From the time he arrived in Tallahassee, Scott has been fighting any attempt at federal regulation of the environment, and now he has the gall to blame Washington, D.C., for our recent problems."

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Columnist Randy Schultz (8/7/18): Scott tries to change record on Florida’s algae crisis

  • "Scott cut staff at the Department of Environmental Protection. He cut by $700 million the budget of the water management district, the lead state agency for Everglades restoration. He loosened rules on septic tanks – another source of Lake Okeechobee pollution – and signed a water bill that delays the Everglades cleanup and allows farmers to pay less toward it."

  • "The governor can’t blame Barack Obama anymore."

Florida Phoenix Columnist Julie Hauserman (8/3/18): Yes, this really is Rick Scott, Adam Putnam and Pam Bondi’s fault

  • "But a look back eight years ago shows that three key state leaders – Gov. Rick Scott, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, and Attorney General Pam Bondi – fought bitterly against stricter limits for the very pollution now sliming South Florida."

  • "This, in a state where Scott had eviscerated environmental agencies with cutbacks that slashed enforcement and tossed aside many state scientists with long experience."

Miami Herald Columnist Fabiola Santiago (8/2/18): Red tide and green water? Florida beaches have a problem, and its name is Rick Scott

  • "You give them a G-rated version of dirty beaches being the consequence of not caring for the environment appropriately, but, among us adults here, this problem has a name: Gov. Rick Scott."

  • "During his eight years in office, Scott has rolled back crucial safeguards like septic-tank inspections that ensure waste isn’t seeping into water systems. He has cut almost $700 million in funding for water management districts largely responsible for the protection of waterways. He appointed water management board members more concerned with the rights of polluters than clean water."

  • "When it comes to the environment and Florida’s water quality, we’ve been on our own, folks."

Orlando Sentinel Columnist Scott Maxwell (7/27/18): Florida's great green algae disaster — we asked for it ... us and Rick Scott

  • "For the past eight years, we stood by as the state decimated its environmental and water-protection agencies and repealed checks on sustainable growth."

  • "It is, however, fair to blame Rick Scott."

  • "This governor has undermined our natural resources for eight straight years. The data is trackable."

St. Augustine Record Editorial Board (7/11/18): South Florida green with envy (at our waters)

  • "If you ask biologists and conservationists, Scott's concern is humorous. They put the blame squarely on Scott."

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board (7/10/18): Gov. Scott’s spotty record on algae crises

  • "With Florida facing yet another Lake Okeechobee-related crisis, Gov. Rick Scott is trying to cleanse a seven-year record of environmental indifference."

  • "Scott’s environmental passion is more like an election-year conversion."

Ocala Star Banner Editorial Page Editor Brad Rogers (7/8/18): Rick Scott: Election-year environmentalist

  • "The Okeechobee algae problem is a Rick Scott problem. The same Rick Scott who fiercely fought federal efforts to raise water quality standards in Florida...The same Rick Scott who signed legislation raising the amounts of chemicals and toxins industry can pour into Florida waterways."

  • "Even while he has a list of faulty, often untrue “facts” at the ready should anyone bring up his environmental record on the campaign trail — like his “record environmental funding” (not true) or his opposition to offshore drilling (also not true)"

Gainesville Sun Editorial Board (7/8/18): Algae blooms are part of Scott’s legacy

  • "Gov. Rick Scott is facing an environmental crisis of his own making."

  • "Scott and the GOP-controlled Legislature have made it easier to pollute Florida’s natural environment during his two terms in office."

August 8, 2018

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