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New Sunshine Deal

This morning, Democratic Leader Kionne McGhee and House Democrats will unveil the New Sunshine Deal, the first budget proposal of its kind from Democrats.

The New Sunshine Deal Budget provides a counter argument to Governor DeSantis’ budget which slashes public education and fails to provide relief to working families. 

The House Democrats budget cuts taxes for working families, expands Medicaid, raises teacher pay, and addresses our environmental crisis. All investments in public education, the environment and healthcare are offset by closing tax loopholes and generating new revenues.

We are really excited about this budget, and helping to set the Democratic agenda for this legislative session. We need your help in amplifying what the New Sunshine Deal offers.

Here is a link to the full budget on our website. We are also sending around a few tools to help you share our message:

One-pager on the budget.

Suggested Tweets/Facebook Posts:

#1: The #NewSunshineDeal puts Florida families first by cutting taxes for working families, raising teacher pay, cleaning up our environment, and expanding access to health care to hundreds of thousands of Floridians.

#2: The #NewSunshineDeal Budget investments in our families, communities, and businesses and will provide the basis for building a strong state economy that works for all Floridians.

#3: Florida’s working families pay the highest proportion of their incomes supporting state and local governments. The #NewSunshineDeal offers working families an extra tax break they need.

#4: Florida's teacher pay is among the worst in the nation. Our teachers deserve better - which is why the #NewSunshineDeal is proposing all teachers receive the raise they deserve.

#5: Hundreds of thousands of Floridians are without healthcare because of Republicans refusal to expand Medicaid. The #NewSunshineDeal proposes Expanding Medicaid which would help insure over 700,000 Floridians.

#6: Florida’s population is projected to grow by 26 million by 2030. With tourism being the main driver of our economy, we must do more to address the effects climate change is having to our coasts. The #NewSunshineDeal addresses the toxic algae crisis, and climate change.

#7: Our friends in Northwest Florida are still recovering from Hurricane Michael. The #NewSunshineDeal will give an additional $247 million to respond to their needs.

#8: For too long Republicans have been balancing the budget on the backs of Florida Families. This budget will give families the tax-cut they deserve, while corporations start paying their fair share.

#9: Florida continues to go backwards on healthcare - with our uninsurance rates ranking among the worst in nation. The #NewSunshineDeal takes steps to ensure we are moving in the right direction. - starting by expanding Medicaid.

#10: Republicans continue to raid public school funds in favor of for-profit and unaccountable charter schools. Democrats are committed to investing in our public schools, and it starts by investing in our teachers. #NewSunshineDeal

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