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New Meeting Location!

Updated: May 31

OUR FIRST MEETING AT THE APPLE BUTTER CAFE will be on June 20th. The Apple Butter Cafe 10555 Park Ave, Seminole, FL 33772 The hours will be the same as before: 5:15 for Happy Hour. 6:00 for the meeting

See the menu at the end

The most important thing is that we will have the

restaurant to ourselves. We will be able to seat as many as 90 people. I will tell you that the restaurant has booths as well as tables, but we can work out the seating as we go along.

I will be sending you a copy of a limited menu that will be more than enough food choices, especially since the management is open to combinations. (e.g. there is a choice of soups in one dinner and sandwiches in another, therefore soup and a sandwich will work.). I know everyone loved the Italian Food at Sage's, but I believe it will work out and you will be very happy with the food at The Apple Butter Cafe. I will be sending a copy of a Menu for your information. Please consider bringing another Democrat who has not been to the Club with you. One of our goals is to grow the Club with additional good Dems. The time between now and the 2024 election will go quickly and we must get this one right. The future of our Democracy depends on it! SPEAKER : Charlie Justice Back in 2012, the Republicans were hinting at what was to come. With two seats up for election on the Pinellas Commission, they centered their election goals on taking Floride out of the drinking water. They claimed that their goal was to keep Pinellas County children safe from the "dangers" of Florida. Charlie Justice, Janet Long, Dentists, and parents did not agree. The result was a double win for Democrats who became the majority on the Commission. They remained the majority which was strengthened by the addition of Pat Gerard and Rene Flowers. A lot of good things happened in Pinellas County as a result of the Democratic majority. Unfortunately, Pat Girard lost her race last November and Janet Long is retiring. We no longer have the majority and the Current Commission is not in tune with many Pinellas residents. Charlie Justice is running for reelection and it is extremely important that he is reelected. I will let Charlie tell you about his work on the Commission. However. I will tell you that Charlie is a hard-working Commissioner who is always out in his district making sure things are going well and stepping in to help resolve things that are not. Rene Flowers, who spoke at the May Meeting, will also be running for reelection. Fortunately, her district is in an area more friendly to Democrats. Hopefully, that, along with her ever-present hard work, will bring her success. Also, Joanne "Cookie Kennedy," the Mayor of Indian Rocks Beach (who spoke at the Club earlier this year) will run for Janet's seat. Hopefully, all three races will be successful. I am certain Charlie will be looking for as much help as we can give him in retaining his seat. Please consider volunteering and/or contributing to Charlie's race. In regard to Sage's, I hope you will remember how much you enjoyed the food as well as the service, and add it to your list of great places to go to for dinner. Thank you to Patti and her staff for their support and understanding.

Mary Lou

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