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Latest Blow to Trump’s Jacksonville Ego Trip: Lawsuit to Declare RNC a 'Nuisance' to Public Health

July 9, 2020

FLORIDA - The Republican National Convention continues to face strong opposition from Jacksonville locals. Most recently, local business owners and residents have filed a lawsuit asking a judge to declare the event a “nuisance injurious to the health, welfare and property rights of Plaintiffs, in particular, and the health and welfare of the community of Jacksonville, Florida…”  


  • “A Jacksonville attorney asked a judge Wednesday to declare next month’s Republican National Convention a nuisance “injurious to the health” of residents and require it to be a smaller event with masks and social distancing to prevent spread of the coronavirus.”

  • “The suit was filed in circuit court against the city, the Republican National Committee, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and ASM Global Parent Inc., the company that manages the arena.”

  • “The suit notes that Black and elderly people are statistically more likely to be harmed by the coronavirus. It adds that the arena is next to a neighborhood with a lot of Black and older residents.”

  • “The suit asks for a court order either blocking the gathering from happening at the 15,000-seat arena or shrinking the event to no more than 2,500 people.”

The lawsuit is the latest in a series of blows to the RNC: 

Jacksonville voters overwhelmingly oppose the RNC 

Politico: “Jacksonville voters don’t want the Republican National Committee’s convention to come to town, with most expressing concern that the event could spread the coronavirus. A poll by the University of North Florida found that 58 percent of Jacksonville voters surveyed oppose the RNC convention.”

500 doctors and medical professionals signed a letter opposing the convention, citing public health concerns

Action News Jax: “More than 500 doctors and medical personnel signed a letter calling the Republican National Convention “medically disrespectful.”

First Coast News: “Allowing this number of people to descend on Jacksonville is unequivocally provocative of disease, predictably harmful, and medically disrespectful to the citizens of this city, much less the rest of the country. There will be increased hospitalizations, long-term health problems, and deaths. At greatest risk are our most vulnerable populations: the poor, the elderly, and those with underlying conditions.”

80 faith leaders signed an open letter opposing the convention, citing the surge in coronavirus cases, economic pressure, and racial tension

Florida Times-Union: “Concerns about the rising coronavirus numbers, racial tension and potential cost to city residents prompted dozens of prominent Jacksonville clergy to ask city officials to rethink hosting the Republican National Convention here.”

Prominent Republican senators have announced that they will not be attending the RNC

Washington Post: “Four Republican senators said Tuesday that they will not attend next month’s Republican National Convention, where the party will renominate President Trump, citing the demands of their own campaigns or simply deciding to skip the gathering in Jacksonville, Fla.” 

Des Moines Register: “Citing concerns about the coronavirus, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley said he will not attend this year's Republican National Convention, marking the first time he has sat out a convention since he was elected to the U.S. Senate 40 years ago.”

Major Republican Donors, Strategists Not On Board

New York Times: “Organizers are trying to assuage vexed Republicans who collectively gave millions of dollars for a Charlotte event that has mostly been scrapped. The host committee there has spent virtually all of the $38 million it raised before the convention was moved, leaving almost nothing to return to donors, or to pass on to the new host city.”

Tampa Bay Times: “I do think the Republican Party will be hell bent on this convention and it will happen,” one GOP consultant said. “The questions is ‘Will it be like Tulsa?' Only time will tell. As of now, you couldn’t pay me to attend that convention. Too much risk for silly hats and bourbon.”

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