Ken Evans Public Statement on the 2020 Election – May 28, 2020

Ken Evans

Broward County

Democratic State Committeeman

DNC Member

My heart continues to go out to everyone that has been impacted by this terrible outbreak. People are losing their lives, their loved ones, their financial security, and perhaps a long-lasting sense of stability. When I first spoke about the pandemic, I wrote, “Daily life has been transformed...” It has since occurred to me that some moments arrive with obvious change, but others’ impact is known only as time passes.

An example of obvious change is the duty each of us now has to wear a mask. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, our leaders tell us who they are by the choices they make. Joe Biden wears a mask; Donald Trump does not. When Trump was elected President in 2016, we knew it was bad. But only time has shown us just how bad it could be, and it will get even worse. Voters like you and me could not have foreseen a global outbreak, but it’s clear that the American people would have been better protected by any other President, Democrat or Republican. A recurring theme in Trump’s 2016 campaign was “What do you have to lose?”. He condescendingly posed this question primarily to African-Americans, but it’s one that the entire country, collectively, could not truly gauge. The answer, as we now know, is “a lot”, and if he wins in November, the follow up response is “…and so much more”. Last month, I called for mail-in voting nationwide. Now I’m adding to this a plea to every American: make sure you vote however you can. If you can vote by mail, safe and sound, do it. If you find yourself in a state that has already made voting harder or is threatening to do so, be proactive. F