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1 July 2020

In the category of are-you-kidding-me: Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the signing of a major and controversial abortion bill through a press release that was tucked among 14 separate pieces of legislation.

Apparently, this was a way to get the least attention possible for a very dramatic bill that will become law and requires parental consent for a pregnant minor to get an abortion.

Critics say the law is unconstitutional and the ACLU of Florida calls it a sham.

Please read;

On the environment front, environmentalists aren’t very happy.

DeSantis signed into law the “Clean Waterways Act,” described as the most significant advance in decades toward reducing the water pollution plaguing Florida waterways. 

But critics denounced the law as a polluters’ bill that will do little to stop the decline of the state’s unique natural springs, rivers, bays, and renowned waterways such as the Florida Everglades:

Other environmental news:

A national push to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment nearly 50 years after it was proposed by Congress has grown stronger, with a legal boost from the U.S. Conference of Mayors and pro-ERA organizations in Georgia, Louisiana, and South Carolina.

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Wednesday, Florida Phoenix reporter Issac Morgan writes about the effort to make Black history classes a college graduation requirement.

But so far, there appears to be no formal action on that front -- despite petition drives, protests, virtual meetings and conversations surrounding issues affecting people of color.

Please read this compelling story:

RE:  COVID-19:

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