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ICYMI: How the Republican Party of Florida Became the Party of Trump

July 26, 2018

The RPOF has made clear that it's no longer running on expanding health care or improving public education or creating jobs. Instead, it's about Donald Trump — not the issues facing Floridians.   A new report from the Tampa Bay Times highlights how the Republican Party of Florida has become the "Party of Trump," outlining the ways which every candidate across the state is moving to the extreme right. ​KEY POINTS: 

  • "'You can see it in every Republican primary in every corner of the state, as rivals argue over who supports the president more.""

  • "You can see it in the Republican gubernatorial primary, where the No. 1 issue is who will fight illegal immigrants harder."

  • "'There's a blind loyalty to him that I have never seen for any politician.'"

  • "'We're living in Trump world. Thank God the Trump haters are leaving. We don't need any RINOs any more,' Volusia County Republican Chairman Tony Ledbetter said.."

  • "It's about unconditional loyalty to the president … It's literally like he cannot do anything wrong."

July 26, 2018

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