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ICYMI: Florida Democrats launch plan to boost vote-by-mail turnout in 2020

December 5, 2019

Today, Forward Florida and the Florida Democratic Party announced a partnership to re-engage Florida voters in 2020, a major push to reach voters of color and young voters. The new initiative will build the infrastructure needed to win in the 2020 elections by identifying Hispanic and African American Democrats who are registered to vote but do not turn out, and enroll them in vote-by-mail. The initiative will also focus on helping flip swing legislative seats and protect Democratic legislative districts. 

FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo said:

“We are working hard to engage voters of color and am so proud to be working with Mayor Gillum to strengthen the party’s year-round work reaching out to voters of color. This re-engagement initiative is not about a single election, it is about ensuring Floridians are heard and that they can create a Florida that sees them and works for them. Our job at the Florida Democratic Party is to build an infrastructure designed to ensure a Democratic win, and that requires year-round investment and that's our commitment.”

Mayor Andrew Gillum said:

“I am excited to announce this new partnership with the Florida Democratic Party to re-engage voters across the state. Too often, voters of color and young voters aren't prioritized by our politics. We're changing that. By re-engaging voters who have fallen out of the Democratic process, we are building real, lasting progressive infrastructure for the first time in the State of Florida.”

12/5/19, Politico, Florida Democrats launch plan to boost vote-by-mail turnout in 2020

Key Points:

“Florida Democrats, with a financial boost from former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, plan to spend nearly a half-million dollars on a campaign to urge Hispanic and African American voters to cast their ballots by mail in the 2020 presidential election.”

“Gillum said he plans to raise $450,000 on behalf of the Florida Democratic Party to help cover the cost of the campaign, the latest in a string of commitments he's made in advance of 2020. He's raising money for an ambitious voter registration program, and last week said he was partnering with Democratic super PAC Forward Majority to flip Florida House seats.”

“This latest effort is a way to “building real and lasting infrastructure", Gillum said, and he emphasized the importance of a surge in Democratic turnout in 2020. Florida will be key to President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, and Republicans will control the swing state's political redistricting in the coming decade unless Democrats can take control of one of the two legislative chambers.”

“Juan Peñalosa, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, stressed that this latest effort is not about signing up new voters but making it easier for those already registered.”

December 5, 2019 For Immediate Release Contact: Luisana Pérez Fernández 786-683-8781

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