ICYMI: Democrats’ hopes for blue wave riding on Indivisible energy

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

As Democrats across the state prepare to host town halls this week around gun violence, Republicans continue to refuse to face their constituents. The town halls come after successful gun violence marches were held across the state - where the Florida Democratic Party registered thousands of people to vote and volunteer in 2018.  An article from the Daytona Beach News Journal last week spotlights the work the Democratic party is doing on the ground, with the help of outside progressive groups who are capturing an unprecedented Democratic energy for Florida Midterm elections. Daytona Beach News Journal, 3/28/18, Democrats’ hopes for blue wave riding on Indivisible energy

  • “Many of our local Democratic clubs and local Indivisible chapters were able to identify some shared values and were able to work together,” said Juan Penalosa, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party. “We built networks ... that proved extremely powerful in Sarasota prior to Margaret Good’s election.”

  • “We feel activism has to be happening full time around the year. It can’t occur just during an election year or during a campaign. It has to happen year-round,” Berman said. “I wish I had been more politically active my whole life.”

  • “We are inviting people who perhaps have never before been involved in activism, people who agree we need to get off the couch. We need to be involved and stand up and our voices need to be heard.”

New York Times, 3/25/18, Gun Marches Keep Republicans on Defense in Midterm Races

  • "In Florida, volunteers circulated at protests in over 30 cities, passing out “commit to vote” cards that the party can later use for voter turnout purposes."

April 2, 2018

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