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Florida National Organization for Women Seeks Ethics Investigation for FL CFO Patronis

"Patronis directly supporting the silencing of victims, primarily women"

Amidst scandal in the Florida CFO's office, Florida NOW believes Jimmy Patronis violated state law, and is asking for an ethics investigation according to a new report from the Tampa Bay Times.This comes after Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis was accused of releasing confidential records regarding two separate sexual harassment cases within his office for political gain.

The Tampa Bay Times, 8/6/19, Women’s group calls for ethics investigation into Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis

“Patronis’ use of women as political pawns is reprehensible and inflicts further damage on the women,” Florida NOW President Kim Porteous said in a statement Monday. “How many times must a victim be harmed by sexual harassment?”“Patronis has come under fire for two instances in which he released women’s sexual harassment complaints without the women’s knowledge or consent — or without reporters requesting them as part of a public records request.”“..In the case this year, a woman filed a complaint against the new bank regulator — whom Patronis had picked for the job.”“Both of the banking regulators say the complaints were released to the media because they didn’t do Patronis’ bidding.”“The complaint was labeled ‘confidential and exempt’ under state law, and state police are reviewing whether releasing it broke the law.”“Patronis is directly supporting the silencing of victims, primarily women, in keeping them from reporting sexual harassment allegations,” Porteous said in a statement. “His is exactly the type of action that creates an unsafe environment for women to come forward.”

August 6, 2019

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