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Florida Leaders, Analysts Call Out Pam Bondi for Lies and Hypocrisy after RNC Speech

August 26, 2020

On Tuesday, Florida leaders and journalists across the country highlighted the hypocritical, misleading, and downright-false attacks by Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi following her Tuesday night speech at the Republican National Convention.  Tampa Bay Times:

  •  “The line of attack was noteworthy not only because of her allegations that self-dealing fueled Biden’s family’s activities in Ukraine and China, but because of the man she was making the case for: President Donald Trump.

  • “President Donald Trump counts two family members, daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner as top White House advisors. His campaign has paid his family business at least $2.3 million.” Florida Politics:

  • “Democrats, meanwhile, questioned Bondi’s own ethics in counter-messaging her remarks. And left-leaning commentators cavilled about not getting a copy of Bondi’s speech in advance.

  • “Bondi is a lobbyist who, when she was Attorney General of Florida, accepted $25K from Donald Trump before deciding not to investigate Trump University on behalf of the Floridians who were scammed’ razzed the liberal American Bridge group.”

Washington Post:

  • “Pam Bondi was supposed to prosecute an airtight case against former vice president Joe Biden. Instead, she merely rehashed long-debunked assertions that President Trump’s team made during his impeachment trial and reintroduced a number of other problems for Trump that were otherwise lying dormant.”

  • full article


  • “Least Self-Aware: Pam Bondi”

  • “Bondi’s speech was the first sustained Hunter-related attack of the GOP convention. But it also raised the ghosts of the alleged wrongdoing that led to Trump’s impeachment in the first place: trying to get dirt on Biden at the expense of U.S. foreign policy interests.” Mother Jones:

  • “At least one speaker [Pam Bondi] at Republican National Convention said she was horrified by the corrosive effects of nepotism. Then Tiffany Trump took to the mic.

  • [...] When you’ve programmed back-to-back Trumps praising their father, going after nepotism doesn’t exactly land a blow.”


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