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FDP Statement on Restoration of Florida's Online Voter Registration Site

September 22, 2019

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, released the following statement after Governor DeSantis' administration put Florida's voter registration site back online after calls from the Florida Democratic Party:

"Today was proof positive that FDP's voter protection efforts matter. Florida's voter registration site should not have undergone 'maintenance' so close to National Voter Registration Day. Shutting down the site just as Democrats ramp up their efforts to register voters smells like a politically motivated act by Governor DeSantis -- and the fact that the site was back online so quickly after our voter protection team exposed the action only proves it more so."

See also:

GOP Voter Suppression Update: DeSantis Admin. Shutters Online Voter Registration In Advance of National Voter Registration Day, FDP Press Release, September 22, 2019

Online Voter Registration System Restored After Florida Democrats Complain, Associated Press, September 22, 2019

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Contact: Alex Morash


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