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September 20, 2019

Here are the week's top stories, press releases, and talking points from the Florida Democratic Party. Top Lines Of The Week Ashley Moody’s Shameful Record On GunsDonald Trump’s Failure To Address Gun Violence

Upcoming Events Next week: National Voter Registration Day Tuesday September 24th - Florida Democrats come together across the state to register voters Events happening across the state, find one in your area here:

Issues Of The Week: Ashley Moody’s gun record, and Trump’s failure on gun violence. Ashley Moody’s Shameful Attempt To Block The Assault Weapons Ban In Florida you must register to vote, you need to register your car, but you don’t need to register your gun. In Florida, you have to register 29 days before an election, while to buy a gun you have just a 3 day waiting period and you don’t need to register with anyone. The initiative bans semi-automatic guns that can fire more than 10 rounds before reloading: All semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that are capable of accepting a detachable magazine or other ammunition-feeding devices; 2) all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that are equipped with a fixed magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds. Note: It does not ban rifles that are not semi-automatic that can fire 10 or more rounds before reloading, such as the Ruger American Rifle. The Assault Weapons Ban does not take away the guns people currently own. The amendment specifically protects those that currently own an assault weapon, and gives them up to a year to register their weapon. A person who lawfully possesses an assault weapon would be prohibited from transferring the firearm to another person or entity.  Moody's actions are outrageous: Attorney General Ashley Moody is attempting to stop voters from being able to vote to protect their families. Floridians are tired of waiting for the NRA's favorite politicians to act, they want these deadly weapons off our streets and away from our families. Moody isn't fighting for Florida, she is fighting to keep her A- rating with the NRA. Ashley Moody wants to block assault weapons measure from getting to voters: On July 26, Moody filed a motion to prevent voters from deciding on the assault weapons ban, claiming the amendment language is [Florida Politics, 7/29/19] Florida Politics: Ashley Moody Earning NRA Praise. “Attorney General Ashley Moody has earned plaudits from the National Rifle Association for opposing a citizen initiative banning assault weapons.” [Florida Politics, 8/5/19] Linking mental health to gun violence is a shameful myth. According to research reported on by Vox “Mentally ill people are far, far likelier to be the victims of violence (including violence committed by police) than the perpetrators.” The attempt to connect the two issues is an attempt to distract from the issue and shames people with mental health issues. [Vox, 9/5/19] More guns lead to more deaths: Researchers from Boston University found a 1 percent increase in the gun ownership rate would predict a 0.9 percent increase in the firearm homicide rate. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital published similar findings to Boston University that the firearm homicide rate increased from greater gun ownership, they also noted a link with an increase in the overall homicide rate. Trump’s Failure To Address Gun Violence Background: The White House is expected to soon put forward a proposal on guns. On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee passed a package of bills to ban high-capacity magazines, restrict people convicted of hate crimes from purchasing firearms, and incentivize states to adopt red flag laws. Trump must act to stem the endless massacres from gun violence, and support the House-passed bill to expand background checks that has stalled in Mitch McConnell’s senate graveyard. We’ve heard a lot of talk from Trump about taking gun violence prevention seriously, but it’s all been lies and empty promises. Trump has only shown that he stands in lockstep with the NRA. Trump said he supports background checks, but after speaking with the NRA, Trump backed off his push for new legislation and reportedly told NRA president Wayne LaPierre that universal background checks were off the table.We’ve seen this show before -- Trump told Parkland school shooting victims and their families that he would fight for them, stand up to the NRA, and support a comprehensive gun reform bill. Instead, he chose to side with the NRA over the vast majority of Americans who support commonsense gun reforms. All we’ve heard from Republican lawmakers are their ‘thoughts and prayers.’ Republicans have refused to talk about these recent mass shootings or seriously address the issue of gun violence in America. 93 percent of Americans support universal background checks, including 89 percent of Republicans and 94 percent of gun households.70 percent of voters, including 55 percent of Republicans, support an assault weapons ban. While Republicans refuse to take action, Democrats will continue to fight for commonsense reforms. On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee passed legislation to expand background checks, restrict criminals of hate crimes from purchasing guns, and adopt red flag laws.There’s a reason why a majority of Americans trust congressional Democrats rather than Trump to handle gun laws. Americans are sick of this charade. The vast majority of Americans support commonsense gun reforms to ensure that tragedies like the shootings in Texas and Dayton never happen again. It is long past time for Trump and Republicans to join Democrats in taking action.

Social Media Worth Sharing Some of our picks for best social media from FDP's account, influencers, Democratic leaders, and party staff. @FlaDems: BREAKING: The #FDPSurpriseAnnouncement news is out! Merchandise inspired by and for our incredible #grassroots volunteers. Get yours! #flapol @bjoewolf: Today, over 3 years after the tragedy, I became the first Pulse survivor to testify before Congress. And I will KEEP fighting until we get some change. @LindaStewartFL: “For two decades, I have been engaged in climate concerns, I have fought for land preservation here in the State of Florida that would also help preserve our water resources,” said Stewart. @JuanPenalosa: Miami Mayor Maurice Ferré was a giant in the history of our city. As the first Hispanic Mayor, he guided Miami onto the global stage while maintaining a commitment to social justice — ensuring ALL residents had a seat at the table. Rest in power, Mayor Ferré. #FlaPol @Alexmorash: Nothing to see here, no problem at all, just @realDonaldTrump lost one of his top Florida staffers

September 20, 2019

Contact: Alex Morash

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