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Do you follow any PodCasts?

May I suggest a few of the PodCasts that I follow?

Under the News & Feeds menu, check out the Podcasts- you should hear.

I recently started listening to Politicon, because I follow both Joyce Vance and Jill Wine-Banks on Twitter, and they have a weekly podcast on Politicon #SistersInLaw. The conversations are (obviously) about legal - and political - issues. They explain their positions in lay-terms, so you feel like you have just attended a seminar on the topic.

Along the same lines, I follow TalkingFeds - another podcast hosted and frequented by former Federal Prosecutors and DOJ officials. These have been my lifeline during the recent months of political and legal wrangling. I encourage you to check them out. (I pay $5/ month to subscribe to the TalkingFed exclusive material on Patreon, but that isn't required).

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