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DNC Update-Convention Wrap Up and Counter Messaging Training..

What an incredible week! Tonight, we announced that more than 122 million people watched our convention live, 1.1 million people texted 30330 and there were 700,000 unique visits to our polling look up site,, over the four nights!

In so many good ways, it was an “unconventional convention.” A Newsweek article drew attention to the record levels of audience participation--no one could have predicted one result: the explosion of participation in caucuses, a vital element of the Party's operation.” 

This convention, as they are meant to do, sharpened our choices and the contrasts between the two major parties and those who lead them and our country.  We saw clearly Vice President Biden’s vision for the future - how he and Senator Harris will build our country back better.  

So now that our exciting event is over, I’m sure you’re wondering, how do we keep the momentum going and leverage the power of our party moving forward?  

Next week is the RNC Convention (August 24-27) and that Trump’s only strategy is to spread lies and fear. The DNC War Room is not having it. Which is why this evening the DNC War Room and the Biden campaign announced a slate of counter convention programming, during next week’s Republican National Convention, to remind Americans that Trump has really only delivered on one thing — a Chaos Presidency.

And we need your help.  People are fired up after this convention! If you’re like me you even have distant relatives texting you about it. They want something to do now to help defeat Trump and we have it. Please invite your activists to join us this Sunday for a training on how to become a counter messager to the Republican convention.

Our week of programming will involve new television and digital ads, as well as, a host of briefings led by prominent leaders. 

In fact, each day of the Republican convention, the DNC will focus on a separate crisis that Trump’s chaos has created or made worse. We will also release television and digital ads that you can share. And you'll see us holding Trump and Republican convention speakers accountable for any lies and misinformation, as we'll be fact-checking in real-time.

We want to be a resource to organizations like yours and provide tools and messaging to help present the facts and share real-life stories. This RNC Counter Convention Message Toolkit outlines the 5 steps that your organization can take to amplify the themes we’ll focus on next week via your constituents and partners, social media, newsletters, retweets, and more.

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