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demise of home rule?

9 Nov 2021

Our Republican Legislature dislikes local governance. They keep superseding local ordinance and government rules, by decreeing that "they alone, know best" what local residents need. Please contact your State Senator and State House Representative and tell them that you want to keep your residential neighborhood RESIDENTIAL ONLY.

New law brings worries of home businesses opening right next door Sun Sentinel A Florida law that encourages people to run businesses from home is drawing fear of what could open right next door in neighborhoods — maybe an ammo supply shop, a strip club or more. It remains to be seen how many home-based businesses have opened as a result of the recently enacted law, House Bill 403, in Florida. But one of the first instances to amplify concern came when the owner of Popping Smoke Ammunition filed paperwork to start up his ammunition-supply company from his two-bedroom home in Lauderdale Lakes. That sent frantic officials pleading for help from Tallahassee lawmakers. Lauderdale Lakes city officials say they likely couldn’t stop the application from moving forward under the new law. Source

more: New set of rules Until this summer, cities could have a tighter grip on the type of home-based business that could be permitted. Florida House Bill 403 now allows businesses to operate in a residential neighborhood and be rid of pesky rules like the how much square footage a person uses inside their home to work, what products are sold, and how many family members can work for a home-based business. The bill was passed this summer and signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mike Giallombardo, a Republican from Cape Coral, promoted it as a way “to keep Florida at the forefront of freedom.” Enacting House Bill 403 “would show that Florida is open for business — all business,” he wrote in a guest opinion article for the Orlando Sentinel.

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