Congratulations to all of our wonderful Pinellas Candidates

Congressman Charlie Crist will be returning to Washington to continue his fight for us and will continue to enjoy being a member of the House Majority caucus supporting President Biden and Vice-President Harris.

Commissioners Janet Long and Charlie Justice will be joined on the Commission by Rene Flowers, keeping our Democratic majority on the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners.

Representative Ben Diamond and Senator Darryl Rousson will be returning to Tallahassee to work with our Democratic State House representatives to move Florida forward.

Caprice Edmond and Laura Hine will be working to strengthen our Pinellas County School Board.

We love all of our candidates. Our sincere thanks for making the sacrifice to run, and if your bid wasn't successful this time, we look forward to supporting you again in the future! Democrats keep fighting to form a more perfect union at every level of government.

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