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Some bad numbers:

122.3. That was the temperature on April 30th in Nawabshah, Pakistan, a city of more than 1 million. Scientists believe it was the hottest temperature in the month of April anywhere on earth since humans began recording temperatures.

410. That was the average parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the month of April, a level not seen on earth in an estimated 800,000 years -- before humans evolved. It’s nearly 20% above the level science tells us we must quickly get back to stabilize the climate.

400 million. That’s the amount of money the Koch brothers network says it intends to spend this cycle working on elections.

Before you get too depressed, I have some good numbers too:

89. That’s the percent of worldwide solar power that was installed in just the last 7 years. The technology to go 100% renewable is here; we just lack the political will.

224,000,000,000. That’s the number of dollars donated to progressive candidates and causes via ActBlue since 2014. If individuals who care continue to pool our donations, we can ensure pro-climate candidates have the dollars they need to compete.

1. That’s the number of votes more in a single district it would’ve taken for Democrats to take control of the Virginia House last fall. (The race that determined control finished in a tie and Republicans won the drawing of lots to break the tie).

R. L. Miller


Pakistan sets April world heat record

Carbon dioxide record

Koch Brothers Plan Massive Spending Increase for 2018 midterms

Growth in solar power

ActBlue Donations

Race that determines control of Virginia House finishes in a tie

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