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Ahead of RNC, Rep Shalala- Virtual Press Conference: Trump’s Chaos Caused a Crisis for Families

August 23, 2020

TOMORROW: Ahead of RNC, Congresswoman Shalala Leads Virtual Press Conference with Floridians to Discuss How Trump’s Chaos Presidency Caused a Crisis for Florida’s Families 

FLORIDA — On Monday, August 24, at 9:30 AM ET, ahead of the Republican National Convention, the Florida Democratic Party will host a virtual press conference to discuss how Donald Trump’s chaotic leadership has hurt Florida’s families, from the health care crisis to the economic crisis to refusing to take action to end gun violence. The call will be led by Congresswoman Donna Shalala, Brig. Gen. Remo Butler, Fred Guttenberg, and Dr. Jennifer Cowart of Jacksonville. 

This event kicks off the Biden for President Florida and the Florida Democratic Party week of action to hold Donald Trump accountable for his chaotic leadership while the Trump campaign distracts and misleads during the RNC.

WHAT: Virtual press conference previewing the RNC and highlighting how Trump’s chaotic leadership has hurt Florida families, from the health care crisis to the economic crisis. 


  • Congresswoman Donna Shalala, FL- 27, former Secretary of Health and Human Services 

  • Fred Guttenberg, gun safety activist 

  • Dr. Jennifer Cowart, Duval County physician who organized the letter signing campaign against the RNC convention in Jacksonville

  • Brig. Gen. Remo Butler, former special forces commander who endorsed Donald Trump in 2016 

August 23, 2020 For Immediate Release Contact: Frances Swanson

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