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7 questions about the epic Rick Scott-Bill Nelson battle for U.S. Senate

You can read the full article, but one section grabbed my attention.

Quote: "

What are the big issues?

Scott will repeat the theme he has pushed through his entire time as governor: the recovery from the Great Recession. His mantra since 2010 has been jobs, and the state’s unemployment rate is at rock bottom levels.

Democrats want voters to blame Scott for the things that have gone wrong during his time and office. They’ll repeatedly remind voters about calamities as the 2017 Hollywood nursing home deaths during Hurricane Irma and last month’s bridge collapse at Florida International University.

In the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre could play a role. Scott has been a longtime champion of National Rifle Association priorities but supported some restrictions on guns after the Feb. 14 shooting.

Nelson has been a much stronger supporter of gun controls, but Scott has already mocked the senator for achieving nothing on the issue during his time in office.

It’s unclear if Scott has done enough to satisfy voters, who polling shows are much closer to Nelson on gun issues, and if he’s done so much on guns that NRA supporters will shun him."

There are many reasons to support Senator Nelson over Rick Scott: off-shore drilling being one, health care for all Floridians being another, gun issues, and support for Trump's agenda (which Scott does) all point to why working for Nelson is so important to all of us.

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